I’m Seeing Red About these Apples That Don’t Get Brown When Sliced: Look What Happened to Snow White With Her Shiny Red Apple; Another 420 Character Piece in 9 Lines.

Mr. Romney’s campaign is rife with Snow White sound bites.

I hear rosy red statements,

but it’s hard to know what’s right about the ideas and APPLES,

now that a synthetic gene’s been spliced into them so they won’t tan-up in O2.

What!? It’s NATURAL for bit-apples to brown.

I want GMOed foods labeled so I can avoid them,

same with those sound bites.

Expose them to fresh air to tell what’s rotten–

the apples, I mean.

PATTY 10/24/12

Soon after being sliced, a conventional Granny Smith apple (left) starts to brown, while a newly developed GM Granny Smith stays fresher looking.