This is what most of us want when we ask for fish, not a man-made creation that was born in a lab.

Rubik’s Cubes were too fast for me;

I needed to take my time;not like those Chinook Salmon

whose genome’s been spliced with an eel’s growth hormone gene

plus an antifreeze gene from another,

to make it mature in 18 months, half the time.

GMOs that get into the food chain are not labeled;

you can’t trace problems that arise from eating them.

FDA says no diff between wild and GMO-ed?

Rubik-cubed food: too fast for me.

PATTY 10/23/12

12 thoughts on “EEL Genes in My Chinook Salmon? I Never Took to Rubik’s Cubes and I Don’t Think I Like Rubik-cubed Life Forms Either: A 9-Liner in 420 Characters.

  1. That is a great photo of the salmon. I witnessed my first salmon run this year and was not fast enough to get any good pictures. It was fascinating to watch.


  2. Great post Toni ! We eat salmon for their high omega 3, “fake” salmons have very little omega 3 and high omega 6 so its actually not very healthy. I’m actually getting concern about GMO foods, I’m just not too sure if they are really harmful.


    1. Here are a few reasons to worry about GMOs:
      1. We don’t know the health consequences of eating GMO-ed foods.
      2 They’re banned in the UK and a couple of other dozen countries because of #1 (and various other worries about long-term use: what happens when the mutant genes mix it up with the bacterium in our digestive tracts, etc.)
      3. Genetic engineering reduces genetic diversity. (As in our neighbor’s pure bred poodle is less robust than our little mutt.)
      4. There’s no going back: GMO-ed organisms pass their modified traits on to whoever’s downwind.
      5. GMO-ed crops aren’t creating greater yields, this in response to the GMOs will solve our global food security problem.
      6. Mice and rats have not done well on their lab diet of GMO foods.
      7. GMO firms are huge (Monsanto) hard to to pin down, not averse to tricky the poor farmer (as in sell them sterile seeds so they have to buy from us each year, etc.)
      8. GMOs do require lots of pesticides, herbicides, etc.
      See for more.


    1. I’m hoping that CA can have its way and require labeling GMO-ed foods. What I guess is that given a choice between buying a food with something spliced into it which would never have co-mingled with it to begin with (not to put too fine a point on it) and buying the straight up unadulterated food, people will choose the latter. This might put the brakes on a git.


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