EEL Genes in My Chinook Salmon? I Never Took to Rubik’s Cubes and I Don’t Think I Like Rubik-cubed Life Forms Either: A 9-Liner in 420 Characters.

This is what most of us want when we ask for fish, not a man-made creation that was born in a lab.

Rubik’s Cubes were too fast for me;

I needed to take my time;not like those Chinook Salmon

whose genome’s been spliced with an eel’s growth hormone gene

plus an antifreeze gene from another,

to make it mature in 18 months, half the time.

GMOs that get into the food chain are not labeled;

you can’t trace problems that arise from eating them.

FDA says no diff between wild and GMO-ed?

Rubik-cubed food: too fast for me.

PATTY 10/23/12