The 12th century Prieur Notre Dame, in the village of Montfrion, is a lovingly restored village home belonging to Chef Carole Peck and her husband Bernard Jarrier.  I’m here to cook and cavort in a French kitchen with strangers from California, Colorado and NYC.  We quickly become friends as we dice, slice and learn from our good-humored chef.

One morning, Guest Chef Jerome arrives and together we prepare lunch ~ fish, vegetables with minced truffles and riced potatoes.

Le dessert is his gift to us ~ one perfect pear.

Toni 9/21/12

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

  1. Hello Toni!!! I was beginning to worry about you since there hadn’t been a blog
    posting from you for awhile! What a brave girl you are!!! When can I come for dinner? Sayra


    1. Sayra, how’s things in your sunny corner of the world? So great to “hear” your voice in my mind’s ear,as Patty would say.
      We’ve been traveling the last three weeks, totally unplugged from the world…and I mean,Totally.
      That left Patty to do all the heavy lifting ( she does anyway), but she has greatness to burn. I just read her posts and they are i-Everything ~ informative, ingeniously inventive, inspired, insightful, insuperable and just intensely good.
      Now I’m back and all I have to offer is one pear, albeit a perfect one. The photo is from a culinary trip a few years ago in the south of France that was, in a word, extraordinary.
      Tell us when you’re coming, we’ll turn the stove on. In the meantime, I need to recharge the old battery. I kind of liked being unplugged 🙂


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