Wind Power Withering Because of Disappearing Tax Credits and the Uncertainty this Builds into Long-Term Planning for the Health of Our Alternative Energy Industry. Good Thing Birds Don’t Depend on the Republicans, Although in a Way They Do If the Air and Water Quality Worsens Due to Oil-Gas-Coal Dominance and Gov’t Support. (9-Lines in 420 Characters)

Mitt buffets the wind industry when he says

cut those longstanding tax credits,

credits that help finance wind projects and bake certainty into plans.

(Our chief alt-energy competitor, China, is happy.)

Good thing birds don’t have to deal with this type of uncertainty for their health:

They can always count on a precise level of light from the angle of the sun to cue them to migrate.

& They ADORE wind buffets.

Patty 9/21/12

Wind turbines53 meter meteorological tower

Wind turbines