Mitt Romney on What Obama Voters are Like, Mother Jones, and That Red-Tail Hawk and the Panera Window: Another 420 Character Idea in 9 Lines.


Call 47% of  voters dependent and self-entitled and you’ve got problems.

Mitt reminds me of that Red-Tailed Hawk I saw collide with the Panera window:

feathers all over the place.

Afterward Red wobbled around like a drunken sailor on leave

and then just took off into the wild blue yonder.

Lucky guy. Not like the billion birds a year who hit windows and die.

So maybe Mitt will be like the Red Tail:

Just Fly off.

Patty 9/19/12

(A highlight the window tactic for preventing window strikes. Other Sites for Ideas for Helping the Birds:; › … › Bird Conservation › Tips to Help Birds;…/Bird-Safe®+Hawk+Window+Strike+Decals.  I don’t know what would help Mr. Romney.)