All For One and One for All. And the Problem with Helping Each Other Out is What? Exactly? Can’t We All Be a Bit More Like Solenosteira macrospira, a Marine Snail About 2 Inches Long.

My grandkids have great Dads.

Like the marine snails

who carry the fertilized eggs in papery capsules on their backs,

and not just their own eggs,

very few of the offspring on each dad’s back is that dad’s;

it’s a snail’s version of all for one and one for all because

it’s hard to figure out whose is which on that beach awash with coupling couples.

Hmmmmm. This comparison isn’t perfect.

But my young Dads are.

Patty 9/12

A male Solenosteira macrospira, left, carries snail eggs on its shell. But not all of the eggs were fertilized by him. Females, like the one on the right, deposit the eggs into papery capsules and attach them to the males' shells.