“Harder Path to a Better Place…”

I’m glued to The Convention;

my birder friend’s glued to the Weather Channel;

both hunting for inspiration.

My friend figures out cold front/low pressure systems,

pinpoints where migrating birds will “Fall Out,”

so he birds at the right place at the right time.

I feel we’ve had a cold front associated with a low pressure system;

and I predict a strong tail wind right before 11/6/12.

Patty 9/7/12


Flocks of hundreds of thousands of Sandpipers take off from the mudflats of the Copper River Delta in Prince William Sound to fly north during their annual spring migration

3 thoughts on “We’ve Got “a Harder Path to a Better Place” Says Barach (and the Birds). Bad Weather Followed by Northwest Winds is Best for Migrating Birds. Or Get Ready to Ride Those Thermals. I Felt a Wind Change in Charlotte Last Night.

  1. Another useless (but significant) fact: on the night of Bill Clinton’s dynamic convention speech, over 20 million people chose to watch the Dallas Cowboys humble the NY Giants. The convention garnered an audience of only 12 million. I don’t think I’d opt for running a country with more and more steps toward mediocrity. If the election were tomorrow, I think Honey Boo Boo could win in a write-in campaign!! Now, that is one scary idea! I try to keep an open mind about individuality, but some American trends scare me to death! I hope the migration to the polls results in a large and thoughtful turnout. M.


  2. Not that you need to add more useless trivia wrinkles to your lovely brain, but Honey Boo Boo is the latest reality trend–on TLC, the gathering for most reality shows except for the Kardashians (spelling? Who cares–ha!), home of Toddlers and Tiaras, and some actual useful info. Over 2 million people actually watch her trashy show!! She should be labeled “least likely to make it in those awful toddler beauty pageants”. Keep watching the Red Sox–some trends are best left unwatched, even if it makes it difficult to do the cocktail scene–ha! However, if you need a head-shaking, you-must-be-kidding nano second, tune in for one minute, just so you see this low life scenario! It’s tempting to zone out, yes, but then we become more of the problem. No lying down, but cultural awareness is important, too. M.


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