You Think Clint’s Chair was Bad? Worry About Friday’s Jobs Numbers, But Remember We’ve Had More than 20 Months of Job Creation and the Massive Job Losses Occurred Before and During the Early Months of President Obama’s Administration Before His Policies Came Into Effect. No Buts. (a 9-liiner in 420 Characters)

I squirm when Clint disses Barach,

and Rove uses the word murder in regard to Akin.

I’m enthused by the Democratic Convention,

and worry that jobs #s Friday may eclipse jokes about chairs & murder

and could short-circuit the post-DNC bump.

No matter the numbers,

I hope reporters remove the “but” from sentences stating positive economic news

and state this fact: We’ve 20 consecutive months of job creation.

No squirming.

Patty 9/4/12

Thousands of Elephants Slaughtered: Poaching Done by Military Helicopters.Protect the Species! Say No to Ivory. Those Caspian Terns were the Lucky Ones, at Least We Were Outraged When They were Killed. (420 Characters in 9-Lines)

The big, coral-red bill

pointing down on the Columbia told me it was a Caspian Tern,

and I wondered if it was a survivor of the 2006, pre-4th of July

mistaken cleaning of a barge covered with a generation’s worth of nestlings in Long Beach Harbor;

a massacre due to ignorance,

not like Uganda’s military slaughter-from-helicopter of 22 elephants

just for a million dollars worth of ivory:

Blood Money.


Patty 9/4/12 ( rescue of a wounded poached elephant)

elephant slaughter-Cameroon this site has resources for protesting the slaughter of elephants.