It’s Not 352 Million Miles to Mars*, But It’s Better than the 23-Foot “Test Drive” Curiosity’s Just Taken: the Bar-Tailed Godwit Flies 7,200 Miles** Without a Break: Except for the One This Guy’s Taking on South Beach, Chatham While I Munch Fried Clams from the Kream ‘N Kone

I devour my KREAM ‘N KONE fried clams

and worry about the lone, Bar-Tailed Godwit on South Beach Chatham,

way off track from his Alaska-New Zealand 9-hour nonstop migration.

A Concorde-clone when he flies,

he’s shrunk his gut and replaced the weight with fat and muscle.

He’s lost.

I lick bits of crumbs from the greasy red-striped box

while he’s gorges on fingesrnail-size clams with his pencil-thin bill.

Comfort food.

Patty 8/22/12

* Curiosity, the 6-wheeled NASA rover that landed on Mars a couple of weeks ago is now taking test drives. Tracks on the sand as it were, both here in South Beach, Chatham by my plump, looooog billed godwit AND the roving rover.

** Biologist Robert Gill tracked the Bar-tailed Godwit from Alaska to New Zealand and told NPR’s Melissa Block about this 7,200 mile, no-stop, 9-day trip. I listened in, and while I licked all that greasy good stuff off my fingers, I worried about this amazing creature that’s not supposed to be here on the East Coast of No. America.


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The routes of satellite tagged Bar-tailed Godw...
The routes of satellite tagged Bar-tailed Godwits migrating north from New Zealand to Korea and China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)