Sight of a Belted Kingfisher hovering

before it plunges headfirst into my brook to catch a fish

triggers stillness in me.

This bird’s “origin” story: Halcyone jumps into the sea, turns into a kingfisher,

weaves a floating nest, and charms the waves into calmness.

But then I hear BK’s rattling cry

and watch it pound its prey to death on a bridge railing perch,

and I realize

deadly rip currents run under smooth waters.

Patty 8/15/12


6 thoughts on “After Hubbub, a Halcyon Hiatus (albiet a brief one, an hour or so) With the Ryan VEEP News; Two-Way Jabs on Medicare Recast Races for Congress*

    1. It’s circuitous, that’s for sure. I imagined that there was a brief respite when the actual VEEP announcement was made–a quietness that now I think was more like an inhale than an actual halcyon event. So, I’m calmed when I stand at the edge of the water company property and watch the Kingfisher Just Sitting on the top of a snag. It’s like Halcyone’s transfer into a Kingfisher whereupon she was able to calm the wild seas and waves. But then! (Drum roll) But then the Kingfisher rattles, dives, spears a fish, and beats the living daylights out of the fish by swinging it on a branch or in this case the bridge railing. And the turmoil and mental upset that prey beating brings up is sort of where I am now with all the bloviating about Paul Ryan.

      Hmmmmm. That’s the route. (I said it was circuitous. 🙂 )



  1. I’m afraid you have me hooked on these nature videos you post. The one with the Kingfisher making the big dive is spectacular. These are the things I go away saying how did they get that shot?


  2. I must add my ” Me, too.” to MG’s comment on the videos. I love the background chorus of forest chirps and bird songs.


  3. Your bird posts have become my “happiness trigger” because they capture a moment in time–and bring back a special moment just weeks before Larry died. We were in Puerto Rico. I walked the beach as Lar did his Esther Williams imitation, gliding through the gentle waves close to shore. All around him, almost touching him, the pelicans floated, going with the flow, so to speak! What a rotten time to forget the camera, but the bliss of that memory is etched into my heart. Keep those bird moments coming, Patty! I love each one. M.


  4. Mary! I know you’ve told me about this scene before, but I’d forgotten it. What a beautiful memory. I hasten to add, magic, who cares if it’s been said before. Memory is magic as far as I’m concerned.


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