GLEE: sheer beatific happiness

From the Scandinavian glee, meaning simple music.

The word itself is joyful. Just listen to its caperingly cheerful vowels.  

After posting the weekly photo challenge, Wrong, I got to thinking about the months I spent without music ~ missing Patty, my co-blogger and duet partner, and our wacky Pythonesque attempts at performing Faure’s Elegy. (Kindergartners on YouTube make it look easy ~ it isn’t.)



Charles Schultz was a genius. And a classical music fan. The music in his strip wasn’t a mashup of dots and stems. It was the real deal, the notes drawn from the original score.



Oh, and my forever hero is Schroeder ~ he always plays Beethoven sonatas from memory.  🙂


I love this Charles Schultz quote~

All the loves in the strip are unrequited.  All the baseball games are lost, all the test scores are D-minus, the Great Pumpkin never comes, and the football is always pulled away.  For me, the operative word is glee.  And its glee that I never get tired of.

Patty and I fribble around with classics and country airs, sometimes coercing inviting friends to listen.

Me and my busker buddy are working towards

THIS ten-curtain-call performance, with all

twenty flesh-and-blood priceless fingers intact.  


The glee is back.

Toni 8/15/12

After Hubbub, a Halcyon Hiatus (albiet a brief one, an hour or so) With the Ryan VEEP News; Two-Way Jabs on Medicare Recast Races for Congress*

Sight of a Belted Kingfisher hovering

before it plunges headfirst into my brook to catch a fish

triggers stillness in me.

This bird’s “origin” story: Halcyone jumps into the sea, turns into a kingfisher,

weaves a floating nest, and charms the waves into calmness.

But then I hear BK’s rattling cry

and watch it pound its prey to death on a bridge railing perch,

and I realize

deadly rip currents run under smooth waters.

Patty 8/15/12