Drought Forces Reductions in U.S. Crop Forecasts* and Curiosity Scouts Mars. Future Migration Spot? And the House Wrens Find a Lack of Food Too. Issues of Scarcity. A 420 Character 9-Liner.

Zugunruhe:The pull of the soul to a far off place.


Curiosity’s on Mars maybe scoping it for future migrations,

but officially to study why Mars may have gone from a land of plenty to scarcity.

My House Wrens run out of broccoli caterpillars and fly to increasing supplies.

Seasonal changes in food availability? Go South!

Cycle’s worked so far.

I want us to avoid whatever happened to Mars.

Zugunruhe or not.

Patty 8/11/12

*NYT 8/10/12 Agriculture Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack

NASA's Mars Science Laboratory ImageNASA's Mars Science Laboratory Image