“It’s very important not to be bored…for too long. More than a minute.”



I’m wild about Maira Kalman. She’s an artist, author and visual storyteller.  And avid walker. She says that walking feeds her creativity and opens her mind to a higher level of awareness. I get it.

See how she thinks and feels ~ by talking a walk. Don’t miss this ~




Kalman lives in Manhattan. A place as big as life and twice as real. Walking there is inebriating, intoxicating and invigorating.



I’ve walked in lots of places ~ wiltingly-gorgeous and mouth-gapingly awesome places.  But my favorite walks are simple and slow.  Nirvanic.  An oxygenation for body and mind. Especially ones with lots of green and blue.



I can’t imagine that Kalman is ever bored, not even for one second.  Or Kate Heburn, for that matter.  She walked everywhere from her home in Fenwick.



The creek marsh near here is an isolated undisturbed expanse that is a nesting and feeding habitat for tons of bird species. It’s got the requisite short grasses and tall stands of reeds. Here’s what I see ~



Clapper Rail


..Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrow




American Black Duck


I could cut all this out of a newspaper, write notes on a post-it, or tape it into my notebook.  But I’d rather put it here, along with Maira Kalman ~ such a find must be shared.

Wallow in whimsy and wanderlust.  You won’t be bored for a nanosecond.

All about Maira Kalman ~  http://www.mairakalman.com

Toni 8/6/12

What’s in Those Hidden Recesses: Undiscovered Birds? Subliminal Messages? How to Discover What’s There Besides What Clicks On Every Morning. The Answer Lies Either in the Andes or in Yoga Class. Another 9-line, 420 Character Piece.

Under the hood of my consciousness,

3 LB of muscle tugs in subliminal messages,

and I’m unaware.

It’s like the Sira Barbet with its pale belly, black mask, and scarlet vest,

just discovered in the steep ridges and deep river gorges of the Andes cloud forest.

Birders hiked up and Just Looked.

When I do yoga and practice Just Breathing

I notice those subliminals more.

It helps me discover what’s in my hidden recesses.

Patty 8/7/12