From this

to this

12 feet and still growing

Toni 8/4/12

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Growth

  1. What’s great about the sunflowers this year is that they’re gifts from our birds. Right? You feed them sunflower seed, they mess around at the feeder, spills happen, and voila! So are you going to do what the Native Americans do: ground them for breads and cakes; use as a snack, ointment, snakebite remedy; make a dye for clothing or–yes, this one is good: body paint? I like your human ruler too.


  2. Nature loves balance, so that may be why the sunflowers are so beautiful this year–because the hydrangea can’t seem to produce many flowers! See, I could have been my old, pessimistic self and suggested that maybe it will be a hard winter, so the birds need those fatty seeds! Change is good. Old dogs can learn new tricks. Stubborn minds can reform!! TG!! M.


    1. Hydrangeas are funny – you can’t trim them back, because blooms only grow on the woody stems… but once they take hold, they can take over! Looking forward to the new Farmer’s Almanac – we had real snow only twice last year


  3. Great shot of that gigantic sunflower……alas, your happiness engineer’s fix wasn’t permanent! Took a roundabout way to get here! 🙂


    1. That’s the balancing act, isn’t it? How to get the “work” corrected? Work is how we see whether the kids are learning what we’re teaching, so to get at that work immediately and re-teach on the spot makes huge sense. And it’s practical with math. The two-bag issue (as in lugging home two bags of work a night) is complicated. Having no energy to do it all again the next day because I sat up all night doing school-prep work doesn’t make sense, so figuring out how to fit it in and make the most of every minute during school is the goal. Hard to accomplish, but worth the challenge.


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