Olympic Top Blokes

Got Olympic fever?

Watching into the wee hours?

I watch the great and the fabulous now and then. My personal hero is Olympic archer Khatuna Lorig. She knows her way around a bulls-eye. She is the trainer who gave ‘Hunger Games’ star Jennifer Lawrence lessons in how to handle her bow and arrow. I was enthralled by Katniss Everdeen brandishing them on the movie screen. That gruesome dystopian world of District 12 made kids around the world gaga for archery. During the live Olympic archery competition, most kids are asleep but savvy screenagers go online to see Lorig read the wind at Lord’s Cricket Ground.


Queen Elizabeth

Oh, and I saw the Queen.  She looked (ahem) amused.  But her royal passion is really the Braemar Highland Games. Oh well, it horses for courses, I suppose.



The Olympic beach volleyball grandstand backdrop is impressive ~  Whitehall, Downing Street, the London Eye, Big Ben.

Here, in the Queen Mum’s neighborhood, is the 15,000-seat arena.  QEII has been sitting on The Royal Throne for sixty years and now, in her direct line of sight, are scores of cheery toilet cubicles in all their dowdiness, thrones for commoners like us. But they’re leaner, greener and cleaner than in the past. The Velodrome has low-flow appliances and waterless urinals, and some rainwater-harvesting gizmos.

The Queen takes the pomp and circumstance in stride ~ beach bums and volley dollies, concession stalls and plastic walkways. Men and women pound a ball into the sand. Benny Hill blares during breaks in play. And then there’s the 4000 tons of sand. It looks a bit out of character for this part of town where The Royals wear hats and gloves and serious suits well below the knee.



I hear the Queen is chuffed to bits about One Direction. So, at the closing ceremonies, expect to hear One Thing.  No doubt, a very merry time will be had by all.

Toni 8/2/12