We Humans Need to Be Able to Change Our Minds. Justice Scalia Says He’s Changed His Mind Many, Many Times. And I Infer He Writes and Discusses to See What He Thinks, Like Robert Frost and Other Humans Committed to a Better World. Otherwise? It’s Extinction. A 9-Liner, 420 Character Piece

Birds are hard-wired.¬†They can’t Change Their Minds.

Or Else.

But humans must be flexible. Like Justice Scalia.

Once, he was writing the majority opinion,

but “ended up writing it the other way. I had to tell my colleagues,

‘I’m sorry, it just wouldn’t write.The law isn’t here.'”

I concur: How do we know what we think until we see what we have written?

Or discussed?

Minds like diapers need changing. Except for birds.

Patty 7/26/12

A heavyset, middle-aged balding man wears the black robes of a judge. He looks towards the camera, almost smiling.Photo: A red bird with black wings on a branch