I dream of returning to the Bitter End ~ a full pour of Happiness, wished for and welcome, in the North Sound, Virgin Gorda, accessible only by boat.  The pirates, freebooters and daring raids in this sheltered cove are no more. Now there’s only pinch-me perfect spots like this one, dotting the last outcrop of land before the endless expanse of the North Atlantic Ocean.

Got a dreamy spot?  Do share.

Toni 7/18/12


    1. Patty, I’m not sure readers can put a picture, but they can leave a link to one. Maybe my fellow photo challenge photographers can help us!
      And there’s always room in the comment box for some faintly terrific words 🙂


  1. When you drive out of Yellowstone’s east gate on the way to Cody, there is an archaeological hot spot known as Medicine Wheel–one of several mysterious “circles” that line up in a straight line through the Northern and Southern Hemispheres (Thank you Fodor’s guide book!). This magical site sits at 10,000 feet and offers 360 degree views of the mountains. Eagles soar below you as you stand in slience and wonder who constructed the circular pattern of stones. How were they used? Scientists think native Indians had a role, and the site may still be used by local Indians if granted a permit. (Our government at work??) As a result, the fence around the stone circle is covered with tokens and fabric scraps left behind after ceremonies. It is festive looking as the tokens dance in the wind. The experience of this place has become my go-to image for meditation–a clearly remembered sense of peace and awe. M.


  2. How lovely it is for an armchair traveler to read the postings on this blog… I hope that others of your readers take up the opportunity you are giving them to share what has struck awe in them, as they traveled to distant places.


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