There’s exciting news at WWWW!

Maryann Steiner ~ ~

nominated our blog for The Versatile Blogger Award! 

Grazie mille, Maryann.  

We accept.  🙂

We StumbledUpon on Maryann’s blog, My Reality Show ~ ~  by way of her post about Mrs. Hallberg, the kind of teacher you never forget.

And now, for A Little Link Love…..Here are the blogs we nominate for The Versatile Blogger Award ~

1,000 Bread, 1,000 Cattle

C40 Cities-Climate Leadership Group

Climate Progress Source

Coruscatingly Cool Writing Blog


Green Roofs

Marion Roach Smith 

Paula’s Garden Patch

Tea and Cookies: Food, Stories, Life

White On Rice Couple

Mod Meals on Mendenhall

The Back 40

Rachel and Maya

Only Child Writes Blog

A blog by any other name is still just a BLAGH!

Through a New Lens

Words We Women Write

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Blog Love to Y’all !


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