My mind is used to running amok and having its own way.

Enter: Yoga. Yoga quiets the mind, allowing it to sink into a calm, inner spaciousness free of the normal babble and drama.

Margaret Roach, author of And I Shall Have Some Peace There, reached a point of dissatisfaction with her out-of-control city life, exited the corporate culture fast track and started up a new road. At Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Margaret’s financial and professional rewards were Beyond Big. But she couldn’t seem to quiet her ‘monkeymind’. And so began the shift away from a ‘lonely life among six hundred colleagues’ to a more joyful, creative, and meaningful one. She deleted her mroach@marthastewart dot com identity, loosened the grip on her old life, and took time ~ lots of time ~ to reflect.  Like an insect that shuts down to avoid harsh conditions in its environment, Margaret hunkers down in the garden to survive. Here, doing rote chores, she is in the moment, her mind and body at peace, at attention and one with the task. She eventually reaches a state of quiescence. In her memoir, Margaret takes us into the garden that saves her.  She teaches us a simple truth ~ that the longest journey begins with a single intention.

Front cover

“For peace comes slow, dropping slow.”  Her journey is brain-draining, heart-plundering, soul-shearing, sit-down-and-brace-yourself amazing.  Sounds hard? It is. Is it worth it? Ask Margaret.  Her website,, is pure Linnaean genius ~ full of horticultural how-to and woo-woo~ with links to swell stuff. HNL (that’s texting code for whole ‘nother level)  – The Woman and The Website.

Learn something new everyday, says Martha, it’s a Good Thing. It’s also her personal mission statement, one that Margaret espouses also. Margaret read a ton of bird books to figure out why the pine grosbeaks irrupted, along with millions of finches from Canada, and appeared at the edge of her woods far south of their normal wintering grounds.  Two smart women, always au fait of the latest and greatest. I say let’s join them.

work table

So, open a window, smell the air, and feel the weather on your cheek. The best is in front of us. Time brings April.

Until then, I offer you a Per Diem Good Thing.


Today:  Pink Blueberries.

Imagine ~ a pink blueberry pie.

Pink Lemonade Blueberry

‘Pink Lemonade’ has bright pink berries with a mild, sweet flavor and powerful

antioxidants. The shrub has light pink, bell-shaped blossoms in spring, followed by

dappled pink fruit that turns deep pink in summer.

The glossy green leaves turn from yellow to orange in fall.

In winter, the bare, reddish brown stems reveal their interesting framework.

You can find it here :

Blueberry Pink Lemonade

Toni 3/24/2011