No Peek Beef Stew, Spring Snow, and Comfort

It’s the first day of spring and it’s snowing. Snowing Hard. My snowdrops and crocuses are covered. But! They’ll survive as will I, but unlike them, I need something cozy and warm to eat.

This brings me to WWWW’s resident chef:


Margaret has a comfort food that I’m going to make today. Her friend Linda made it for her the day they moved. From dawn til dusk, they’d trucked from Cottage Road to the New Place. It was a hot summer day, but nonetheless, Linda knew what hard working, sweaty folk need. You wouldn’t think a slow cooker meal would fit the bill, but according to Margaret, it tasted like filet mignon!

It’s called No Peek Beef Stew.

I’ll put it on the Food Page, but first here’s another story that goes with it.

Spicy Beef Curry Stew for the Slow Cooker picture

One day Margaret’s daughter Jennifer called her to ask for the recipe for No Peek Beef Stew. Jennifer’s a teacher and was trying to put something in the slow-cooker for when they all got home that evening.

Red wine, Mom? Hmmmm. Don’t have any. I’ll use wine vinegar instead.

Onion soup mix? Too salty. I’ll use dry onion flakes instead.

Cream of Mushroom Soup?  Moooommmm! Don’t like mushrooms. Skip that.

Well, do you have stew beef, Jen? At least!

Jennifer sniffs. Of course, Mom. Thanks.

So with three of the four ingredients being substituted for or eliminated, Jennifer makes No Peek Beef Stew to the accolades of her adoring family.

I believe the accolade part. I remember those rare nights when I would actually prepare a real meal for the kids and Jack. Food like from a restaurant Mom! after working all day. They would be grateful. Grateful for authentic supper food, instead of a bowl of cereal with a side order of steamed peas—as in You’re ten, eat ten peas, and you’re done.

So, maybe Jen’s crew was grateful, but I know No Peek was delicious too.

Patty 3/23/11