Ch 16 Santa Caecilia,Ora Pro Nobis

Saint Caecilia was patron saint of musicians and did I ever need her help during my cononical year. For those of us who had taken piano lessons, the organ, as a spiritual cousin to the piano, suited the requirements of canonical year. Organ practice could qualify as prayerful just as surely as Gregorian Chant did.
Every religious order had a mandated canonical year. As the word implies, the activities of this stretch of time were enshrined in the Church’s Canon Law. This was the sole period of religious training when Rome actually cared to have input where rules for communities were concerned. During this one year only religious studies were permitted. Prayer and meditation, liberally punctuated by labor in the kitchen, laundry, and housekeeping, occupied most of the day. The nuns had little trouble finding chores aplenty to keep all 26 novices in my group busy. See Ronnie’s page to follow my days as a canonmical novice.