Stuck inside?  Roads not plowed?  What to do?


What everyone else is doing ~ Snowbooking.  Log on to FaceBook and you’ll see that everyone is updating their status and posting photos of the snow storm.  Isn’t Snowbooking a great word?  There’s plenty more in the Urban Dictionary.


When someone is distracted by their laptop or phone, ask them if they’re crushing the book.

Just look around, folks everywhere are totally disconnected to the people around them when they are running all over FaceBook.


Next time you get caught Facebook creeping, Hey, how did you know he was my BFF? Were you creeping? ~ just say, No, it was in the news feed. Honest.



Here’s something that was in my news feed today. Honest. Milton Levine, the inventor of the ant farm, died at the age of 97. As a kid, he collected ants in jars…. .and the rest, as they say, is history. His $1.98 mail order ant farm of 1956 is now $10.98, a 2011 version of the 6-by-9 inch original. Levine owes plenty to Pogonomyrmex californicus, the red ants from California that millions of kids stared at for hours on end. Those ants put his kids through college. I wonder if Levine ever thought about a virtual ant farm. Kids do like their screens.



I noticed the gym isn’t as busy these days. The resolutions that seemed doable in January are punishing hammer curls in February.  Exercise is not fun or entertaining. When I was a kid, I used to watch Jack LaLanne on TV, in the days when exercise was a little exotic, just for athletes and “physical fitness nuts”.  At the beginning of the show Jack would say, Boys and Girls, go run and grab Mom, Dad, anybody that’s in the house. Or he’d have his dog, Happy, do a trick. Sometimes he did fingertip pushups. Together we did  ‘trimnastics’ – no weights, bands or kettle bells. Just a towel and a chair. We spent half an hour in the den ‘working out’.  Jack’s goal wasn’t to transform anyone from a 98-pound-weakling into a ripped Adonis. It was to help us feel better and live longer. Jack lived the life he preached. “I can’t die,” he liked to say,” It would ruin my image.”   Jack’s optimism lives on in his books and videos, on You Tube, ESPN CLassic, and, yes, even on FaceBook.


Toni 2/3/11


3 thoughts on “Snowbooking, Facebook creeping, and viral ant farms

  1. i remember jack. he called exercising the abs “working the front porch” and the gluts “the back porch.” a man before his time.


  2. Do you think, Toni, that it’s all about endorphins? This exercise secret of Jack LaLanne’s? This Facebook Creeping? For Mr. LaLanne, he probably loved the high he got from exercise and wanted to hook everyone else too. He may not have known the chemistry of it all. He maybe didn’t know about the brain chemical endorphin that interacts with the opiate receptors in the brain to reduce our perception of pain in a way that’s similar to drugs such as morphine and codeine. He maybe didn’t have that info, but he sure knew that a buzz and feeling of well-being was available for everyone. I remember watching runners cross the finish line when the kids and their Dad did lots of road races. By and large EVERYONE was, if not euphoric, at least delighted. Runner’s High they called it. Endorphins. Recently I learned that chocolate, chili peppers, acupuncture, massage therapy, meditation, and, of course, sex stimulate the production of endorphins. Now, how to make all that into a mega-empire like Jack Lalanne’s, there’s a challenge.


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