1.   A Friendly Chat

2.   An Occasional Splat

3.   A Surreal Sighting

4.   And, of course, Writing

Don’t go away – C’mon over to the Daybook Page

for the November 12 Writing Group Post ~





  1. On one of my earliest birdwalks, one of the more experienced birders left the path in search of what he called the shy, and hard-to-find red-bellied nuthatch. On writing group day as I loitered near Toni’s slider I realized that I was practically eye to eye with none other than said bird. At first I thought I was looking at his cousin the White-breasted Nuthatch, but he kept my gaze, insisting that I really see, not just look. He probably has a writing group that talks about leading the wide-awake life too. I loved watching this little guy move. Quick, quick he scurries up and down the branches of trees. He can assume many different positions as he examines every nook and cranny. He raps at the bark, detaches fragments, and yums up the tasty larvae cowering underneath. At Toni’s he was taking a break and carrying off her birdseed to cram into the crevices of some tree trunk. Did you know that at night it attaches its feet to the bark and sleeps with his head down?
    Patty 11/15/10



  2. I want to thank Toni and the rest of you for taking the time out of your gathering to read over my work, yet again!! What your collective words have inspire me to do!

    *Some updates. Knot Ready, Chapt. 1 revised to pull in ‘Richard’ faster.

    *I change the names of the two servant in Johnson’s Point to Frida and Maria. For now the storm/war references were shelved, as you weren’t that thought the ‘unfired pistol on the mantle (I like) distracted. Personally I liked it because it is an added layer o tension that counter weights the gaiety an high- society life style

    *Let me think about the dialogue in Invented Man. I know it thrusts along with little dialogue but remember, these events are all happening and being interpreted from a scared teen and I like the story told through his internal, kind of self centered, reluctant-to-show-warmth male teen. I am by no means defensive but I thought it was a good point to mention.

    *The Vonnegut summary was a great general road map to keep in mind.

    *I would love to meet again someday but this time mnore to to hear of your work. You’re all marvelous and talented and full of good advice for this boy. Keep writing. Keep birding; keep learning; keep loving. XXOO E


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