Despite our name, Words We Women Write is not just a chick thing.

There’s some Better-Than-Great Guys we are grateful to and, on our blog’s Five Month Anniversary, it’s time we told them so.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.  He was certainly right.  We are in awe of Matthew Mullenweg.  One Very Enthusiastic Guy.  Matt is the founding developer of WordPress, the blogging software that runs this site and millions of other sites around the world.  The website says WordPress is “a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform”.  We say WordPress is the rabbit hole that led us to Wonderland.   It let us join the conversation on cyberstreet corners where a cross-section of the world hangs out.

And then, there’s our web address  ~~~~ Now that has Attitude.  Thanks to our behind-the-scenes buddy (best known as a wit) – Hank Q.

In his Voyage of the Beagle, Darwin wrote that he “passed the day delightfully wandering through the forest.”  Darwin’s forest was in Brazil.  Ours is in cyberspace but that feeling of wonder must be very similar.  He spent hours on end observing creatures in the field.  Starting this blog involved a series of messy and unpredictable blunders, snafus and goof-ups.  But we have a friend in Kevin, our Genius at the Apple store.  He doesn’t always have the exact solution ( since we don’t always know what the exact problem is)  but he does have scads of suggestions. Like the Little Engine That Could, he fills us with I-Know-We-Can.

As for Better-Than-Great-Guys, Jack and Jim are the best of the bunch.  We dance.  They clap.  And they give us the Gift of Time.  We thank them for all the “WordPress epiphanies” and the pure rapture that washes over us when the curtain lifts after hours of trial and error.

And so, here we are, looking back on almost 100 posts in, well, amazement. A bunch of small essays on subjects ranging from bedbugs to LeBron. We spend much of our time writing in solitude while doing a ton of other things at once.  While we drive to the airport, paint a wall, make bread or weed, ideas sprout and germinate. We simultaneously think about what we’ll write next, listen to NPR, troll through possibilities that might pass for “dinner”, and try not to over-extend that pesky knee that’s acting up. Blogitude.

We – Patty, Mary, Ronnie, and Toni – invite you to post comments and suggestions. Enjoy this post? Don’t miss anything on Words We Women Write. Subscribe to our RSS feed and share this blog with friends.  Click on the RSS feed icon next to Words We Women Write or the Share link on the upper right corner of the page. Also, below each post are Tweet, email, print and Facebook options.

We’ve had multiple requests for Words We Women Write tote bags, t-shirts,magnets, stickers, mouse pads and coffee mugs. Well, two requests, actually. Guess we won’t be opening a store anytime soon. But when we do, we’ll use the proceeds to take exotic trips around the world to cover our hosting fees.

So to all you Better-Than-Great Guys – Thanks for the ZAZZLE you put in our lives!

Toni 9/2010

One thought on “Gratitude, Attitude, and Blogitude

  1. We were just kicking around the idea of a new look. Some of us move the furniture more often than we change the sheets.
    And then Fate stepped in.

    So now there’s one more person to thank –
    Sadish Balasubramanian is an Indian guy currently living in the USA. He has created some Cool WordPress Themes.
    And MistyLook is one of them. What better time to get a facelift than on our anniversary. 🙂



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